We offer thoughts on the human condition from a twenty year old mind trapped in a 79 year old body.


Children say whatever pops into their mind, that’s why we call Fox News analysts so childish.

I wonder how human society would have evolved if women were taller than men.

I have always marveled at the ability of women to fold their feet underneath their bodies.

To doubt is to think.

I wonder if God ever has second thoughts about this planet Earth.

At some point, humans will reach the limit of places to stow the trash. What then, off to Mars?

I am the child of two immigrants, all immigrants, legal or illegal, are my brothers and sisters.

A pen lay next to the empty computer. I took it. I was raised in the Depression, if it is there, it is there for me.

I frequently gasp when paying for an item because my mind thinks like someone in 1938.

The greatest fear of parents is a child running in a parking lot.

A man sitting outside does not have to help a woman sit. If she made it outside, she can handle that task.

I wonder if Obama is more concerned with decisions not made than those made.

All tiny blond haired boys are, by definition, cute.

This is the first war in the history of America in which taxes were lowered rather than raised!

The expression, “hereafter,” is confusing. It is either here or after.

I usually walk on my heels rather than toes due to being raised in neighborhoods with different ethnic gangs.

Some eat with large, I eat with small bites.

I do not nod to those in the Tea Party, why nod to a schmuck?

I am of desert origin so 100 degrees is pleasant. However, I do miss the fig trees.

I am 79 years old but mentally just out of adolescence.

Americans are angry but clueless as to what should be done.