We offer comments on the human condition from a twenty year old mind trapped in an 80 year old body.


Kohl offers so many discounts I spend more time figuring out on which day to shop than on what I want to shop for.

I was sitting in the hall of a community college when a bevy of giant young women walked by.

Pain is the companion of Americans in the hour before midnight.

Some surrender their basic decency for momentary satisfaction from expressing hate.

Most stores hide their best bargains in out of the way places.

200 women are gang raped in the Congo and Americans are furious because of where a mosque might be built.

A young girl entered the bagel shop, took some napkins and left. Is this legal?

I was recollecting on how we made tomato soup in the Depression. A cup of hot water, some ketchup and some sugar. Voila, tomato soup.

Listening to hate expressed by Israeli rabbis makes me ashamed I am Jewish.

I was in a rural diner in Illinois. Anyone can talk with anyone about anything.

Chicago is my favorite city in America after New York City.

People in fast food places wipe dirt around when “cleaning” tables.

Cities should draw lines on sidewalks and make people stay within the lines.

These days, I see fewer very young girls with bows in their hair.

People fear highway police more than any other type of police. At least I do.

I can never enter emotionally into the minds of haters like Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin.

I was born in the Bronx but shall die a thousand miles away from it. Such is modernity.

I fear upper middle class and wealthy people in America more than I fear terrorists.

The smile of a two year old restores peace to one’s heart.

Mystery of life: why do so many athletes strain limbs?

America is experiencing a heart attack brought on by excessive fear.