We offer comments on the human condition from the mind of a twenty year old mind trapped in an 80 year old body.


I wonder if God worships a God.

I never eat the same type of bagel two days in a row.

The rock strewn hill makes the body work harder.

To fear what I do not know is to fear opportunity.

If I hit the Stop Sign with a police car, common sense is let him go first.

I never underestimate the ability of political leaders to shoot themselves in the foot.

I have absolutely no idea what awaits me, that is the fun part of living.

Asian women listen respectfully when an elder speaks.

It’s a good day when I don’t hear a story about layoffs.

I once saw dawn break over San Francisco harbor, it is a sight all Americans should see.

There ought to be a law that no child can exceed in height mom or dad before the age of 18.

I am always attracted by long, flowing hair on a woman. There is something sensual about it.

Fate is a poker player who bluffs and dares. Are you?

Children so love serving their parents food.

Abraham Lincoln pushed through the 14th Amendment which means he was a friend of illegal immigrants.

It should be illegal for parents to speak on cell phones when with their children.

Never pursue the easy road, select the one with detours.

The day I cease mentally seducing attractive women means I am ready for the grave.

Children love hugging parents. Have you hugged a child today?

Hate is a stranger I never allow in my house.