We offer comments on the human condition from a twenty year old mind trapped in a 80 year old body.


Anyone who has served in the US military knows there are no plans without flaws.

I wonder how the “hug” evolved in human development. It is so nice.

If there is a God how did He allow the Chicago Cubs to go for nearly a hundred years without a World Series triumph?

Of all the horrible acts committed on planet Earth none surpasses being caught picking your nose in public.

If males breast fed babies there would be no debate over abortion.

Eye contact between a boy and girl reflects there is a personal interest.

I never underestimate the ignorance of Tea Party followers.

I doubt that obesity is a problem in Heaven.

I enjoy paying library fines. It makes me feel virtuous.

I dislike the moment when we switch from summer shorts to fall long pants.

A gorgeous girl sat down next to me. I glanced at her and realized she was forty pounds over weight. Why?

These days one rarely sees a mom with four young children.

Laughter is the favorite desert of God.

Many people hold an eyeglass in their hand as they enter the bagel shop. I never do, they are on top of my head.

If the body of a woman leans closer to the man while he talks, the relationship is serious.

If a person ahead of me picks up a coin I feel cheated because I pick up coins for a hobby.

Old malls have a forlorn look of decayed dreams.

People today feel cheated if they pay the full price.

These days I usually do not see many thin people over the age of fifty.

One should hold off on the bite when talking.