We offer reflections on the human condition from a twenty year old mind trapped in an 80 year old body.

Barack Obama’s expression often reminds me of a deer who is caught in a car’s headlight.

An attractive middle age woman sitting with hands folded as a man talks is the secretary.

It is common when a person complains to the manager that other staff members stand silently listening.

These days I rarely see someone over forty who is really thin.

One should delay the bite when talking.

There ought to be a law requiring any politician who claims he can “reduce waste” to spell out exactly how.

If everyday items are on “sale,” that means there are no sales.

It is usual for the football player who throws the first punch to escape punishment since there is always retaliation.

Educate your child to be a fan of winning teams. Imagine becoming a Chicago Cub fan at five and dying at ninety without ever witnessing their World Series victory.

I miss hitch hiking and meeting strangers. To meet a stranger is akin to opening another door leading into a strange new place in life.

A Republican Congress solving any problem is akin to a drug lord supporting law and order.

Two men sitting with food on the table. One eats while the other talks on the phone. A modern lunch meeting between friends.

I feel guilty if I do not return the tray.

Flashing police lights create excitement, not fear in me.

IHOP is deserted between 4:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Chances are these days a little girl wearing a dress in the morning goes to parochial school.

Most uses of technology in schools are boring.

Greatness comes to few, even fewer who use it with wisdom.

To love is to open the heart to pain. Ah, the joy of painful love.

A man was trying to order his first bagel and cream cheese. He was lost in Jerusalem.

Mystery of life: how doe alien life forms create new ones.

Capitalism in action: New York Knick center, Eddie Curry played in ten games last year and earned $17 million. He should get a job on Wall Street.

There is a moment between the end of summer and arrival of fall when too many stores fail turning off the air conditioner.

All children love rolling on the floor.