We offer observations on the human condition from a twenty year old mind trapped in an 80 year old body.


“I got my rights” in America has evolved into “I got your rights.”

Israel has an appointment with Death.

After receiving my dental bill I hope one does not need teeth in heaven.

Few children these days are shorter than their parents.

I can not understand how people can spend more than two minutes reading the comics.

It is unusual at a good pancake house to find a person eating alone.

Men pay less attention to their belt than any part of their clothes.

I rarely eat more than three items at a meal.

A father or mother’s greatest gift to children is integrity.

America has become a paralyzed nation whose Congress has one constituency– money.

The two most lasting stereotypes in America are Italian gangsters and Jewish bankers.

Some lean close to the printed page when reading, I don’t.

My most memorable sight in America is sailing into New York harbor at dawn and seeing the Statue of Liberty.

Overweight women over sixty walk as though carrying a burden.

My father’s greatest gift to me was his incredible honesty.

There were never two little boys sitting together who did not begin to jump up and down.

Some ask why the nation has economic problems, the problem is no one asks how to solve them.

It is said we learn from mistakes, for the Republican party it is repeating mistakes.

A wise president would tell his Cabinet to get in second hand cars and drive around America talking with people.