We offer comments on the human condition from a twenty year old mind trapped in an 80 year old body.


Hate is against God’s religion. He can’t

I miss hitch hiking and meeting interesting strangers.

Today, too many Americans whine — at the wrong people. Look in the mirror, once and a while.

Sometimes at midnight I think of my mom and pop and the things never said.

A poll said a majority of white males prefer Republicans. It goes to prove majority of white males are into masochism.

As one grows older, one can grow weary or excited about the world.

I await the moment Tea Party folk get elected to Congress and try “cutting waste.”

Some claim President Obama was born in Africa. Heck, we all came out of Africa.

Most park closest to the door. I always park far away because I believe in exercise.

I haven’t had Chinese take out in months. It arrived. What we expect of Chinese take out, never comes true.

It is rare seeing an adolescent doing homework in McDonald’s.

Paris was the most beautiful city I lived in. London the most filled with inexpensive great culture. New York the most exciting. And, San Francisco, the one we all fall in love with.

Sometimes Obama reminds me of the deer caught in a car’s headlights.

To give in to fear is to diminish one’s humanity.

I have never worn a shirt with a white collar.

I could not resist. After a year, I went to White Castle.

Prediction: a Republican controlled Congress means a rise in unemployment.

Most pizza places are staffed by white boys and girls. Why?

No two trees are alike so why should people be?

His nickname should be, “Silent Barack.”

I often wonder if one lived to 150 years, how many of the opposite sex could one love with passion.