We offer reflections on the human condition from a twenty year old mind trapped in an 80 year old body.


Among my greatest fears these days is that my printer collapses. Ah, for the days of a typewriter.

America in the past built great dams, highways, canals, railroads that spanned the continent, and today, we can’t even build a tunnel under the Hudson River.

A beautiful sight is grandmother teaching her granddaughter about life.

American myth: Raising taxes on the wealthy will kill their initiative. The only initiative they have in life is making more and more money.

American myth: We built this nation without action by the federal government– it was all done by private enterprise. YEAH, canals, highways, dams, railroads, the Internet, etc..

American myth: We accomplished great tasks without raising taxes. Check out WWII when the tax rate hit 70%.

Republican hatred toward opponents is sad. It demeans the entire party. This once was the party of Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Wendell Wilkie, Robert Taft, Tom Dewey, Dwight Eisenhower.

Mom, with three little boys. Not a common sight these days.

Dreams disappear, others reappear, some born, some die. The human mind in operation.

I often wonder what it would take to get Barack Obama angry.

Little boys kiss one another. They are naturally gay.

If I forget where I placed something, I blame age. What is your excuse?

It is sad encountering college students who have always received high grades and can not write a coherent sentence in the English language. I suspect, grades for showing up to class.

A woman entered the bagel shop, sat down, gazed into space. A rendevous?

I prefer mysteries of life to the known things of life.

I never examine “specials” in fast food establishments. It is impossible for any food in such a place to be “special.”

Fantasy stirs the soul to come alive.

Republicans are the NO Generation. No global change, no healthcare, no rebuilding America’s infrastructure, no gay rights, no concern for natural resources. Does anyone know what they want other than lower taxes for the wealthy?

I dislike people who allow their dog to wander into my path. Go to the damn forest!

Anger should not be allowed to dwell in your heart for longer than 24 hours.

People exiting a fast food establishment with a package feel like Santa Claus.

There are more tables around which old ladies sit than old men.