We offer observations on the human condition from a twenty year old mind trapped in an 80 year old body.


I chatted with a five year old who made more sense than any Tea Party person I have encountered.

People smile as they fiddle with electronic gadgets. Thank God they have something to smile about.

After listening to George Bush push his book, I think he would have been better off remaining in Texas chopping wood.

I assume on their death bed, most young people will be on their cell phone trying to get through to Heaven.

Many people enter an eating establishment with a determined look. Fellas, it is food, not Congress you are confronting.

Americans today are like the person who doesn’t know whether to first put on the left foot or the right foot.

As I grow older, I have less interest in food. I have been informed Heaven provides all forms of food and you can eat how much you desire.

Love with conditions is not love.

Hate emerges from the wounded heart.

Football teaches running too fast results in over-running the opposing player, running too slow results in being in the wrong place.

Humans, all too often, prefer misery produced by ignorance to happiness emerging from knowledge.

I am a dawn person.

Some shake hands when leaving, others wave, I enjoy both.

Some are wounded in love, some wounded in hate, some wounded in mind.

Mark of the modern woman is she rises first from the table.

Small children enjoy giving advice to even smaller children.

My favorite hymn is “We Are Climbing Jacob’s Ladder, We Are Servants Of The Lord”

To truly love is to understand the other despite what they say or do.

Never fear love, fear inaction.

Holding a child always brings a smile to a human.

Americans prefer electing people who TALK about problems, not those who will SOLVE problems.

I so love hugging people. Anyone, will do.

Every time a terrorist FAILS to blow something up, people become more frightened.

I hate the sun in my eyes in morning traffic.