Nobody Asked Me But,

Each week, we provide the rambling thoughts of a 77 year-old codger who comments on events in the world through his own biased, unscientific perspective.

The act of placing peanut butter on a bagel is among the world’s most atrocious culinary crimes and should be punished by sending the individual carrying out such an action to Saudi Arabia for the expected beheading.

How did we get into the love life of Roger Clemens? The last I heard, the discusison dealt with steroids.

President Bush claims he had nothing to do with the Mission Accomplished business. For once, he is telling the truth.

The ultimate defense of hypocrisy is sanctity of the clerical cloth.

I saw three young trim bodied girls ordering at McDonalds. As they left, I saw three obese middle aged women.

I detest waiting on lines. It is a legacy of military service.

Have you noticed how many senior citizen housing communities are springing up? And, we are just entering the Baby Boom retirement phenomenon.

John McCain inists tax cedits will help the poor obtain medical insurance. At $8 an hour, one earns about $15,000. Exactly how much will that obtain the individual in “tax credits” that will allow purchase of medical insurance?

Is it my imagination or is there a new style for women to wear maternity style blouses?

I am a New Yorker. I never throw away a newspaper, I leave it in a place where someone can pick it up.

I often wonder how I survived these 77 years wearing pants that only had four pockets.

I saw a sign that said: “Concealed Weapons Prohibited.” Does this mean “unconcealed weapons allowed?”

I saw this monstrously obese man struggling to get across the street. The only word in my head was, “why?”

I still get upset at the absence of a card cataloge when I enter a library. It was so much fun fingering the cards.

In my childhood, we ate lunch at home and then I brought a sandwich to my pop in the butcher shop. Of course, the quality and enjoyment of the meal depended upon the cooking ability of your mother. There are no surprises today in eating fast food.

If the woman is thin the man is overweight and vice versa. Why?

These days I go through the St. Louis Post-Dispatch in five minutes. How sad, this was once a great newspaper.

Watching the New York Yankees these days is like feeling one stumbled into a game played at the old folks home.

I doubt if any supporters of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright would rush to the support of the Reverend Pat Robertson or the Reverend Jerry Falwell on grounds they are members of the clergy who preach in their own unique style.

I recall sneaking a candy bar into the library. These days, they urge you to eat a meal. How times have changed.

When was the last time you thought about Myanmar and monks getting beat up?

The face of Tommie Lee Jones in “No country For Old Men” could not be replaced.

A boy asked me how old I was. I responded, 77. His eyes flew open in shock as though he was before a relic of the Middle Age era.

Someone got upset at my criticism of the Reverend Wright and noted he had a Ph.D. In my childhood, the block wise man, Big Al, used to tell me, “a nickel and a college degree gets you a ride on the subway. No nickel, no ride.” Could someone please point me to something written for a doctoral dissertation in the liberal arts or religion that impacted the world or was read by more than 10,000 people? (I got one of those degrees).

Peace and Love