We offer reflections on the human condition from a twenty year old mind trapped in an eighty year old body.


I assume on their deathbed the current generation will be on their cellphones.

I never enter an eating establishment with a determined look. I came to eat, not solve problems.

Americans today are like the man who doesn’t know whether to first put the left or the right shoe on.

People opposed to health care believe they have a constitutional right to die without any help from the damn government.

Love with conditions is not love.

Hate emerges from the wounded heart.

I am a dawn person.

Some shake hands when leaving, others hug, I do both.

Some are wounded in hate, some wounded in love, some wounded in mind.

As I grow older concern about food declines, there are daily buffets in heaven.

To love is to forget or ignore slights.

Americans prefer electing those who talk about, rather than solve problems.

Every time a terrorist FAILS to blow something up, Americans become more frightened.

We left Vietnam to the Communists and Republicans said communism would spread. Not a single other Asian country became communist.

A president must be a great educator.

I can never understand why women have blond hair with black streaks. Which is it?

Some shift their coffee mug back and forth while speaking. I do not.

A throw away newspaper appeared on my doorstep. I threw it away.

I hate messages spoken in a whisper.

I readily succumb to bribes of free coffee on Friday.

Barack Obama, the disconnected man.

My only hate in life is people who hate.

Holding a child’s hand brings peace to the heart.

Small children love giving advice to smaller children.

One never went broke underestimating the capacity of the American people to accept hokum as wisdom.