We offer reflections on the human condition from a twenty year old mind trapped in an eighty year old body.


I am of the age where I lived through events discussed in history books.

Obama worries how Wall Street will react to his decisions, Americans worry about getting a job.

I pick up pens left on tables.

I hate wearing a name tag. Honestly, I know my name.

Mystery of Life: How do small stores survive these days?

Every new film by a director is hailed as “his finest.” Doesn’t anyone have a bad film after a few good ones?

I detest cars which dwaddle making a left turn and by the time they go, a new column of cars has appeared.

Sometimes I wish Americans had to live with their choice of Republican ideas. Privatized Social Security, let individuals pay for medical care from their own pockets, and invent the Internet rather than getting the idea from “the government.”

Each person has self interests. For some reason, too many Americans are worried about the self interest of the wealthy rather than their own self interests.

Mystery of Life: One percent of Americans earn 24% of the wealth and Americans don’t complain.

Three men at the end of a table and six women at the other end. Triumph of stereotypes.

I wonder if they twitter in Heaven.

My greatest legacy is being a man of integrity.

I understand compelling a millionaire to pay 39% instead of 36% of his wealth in taxes is the first step on the road to socialism.

Mystery of Life: What exactly goes on inside a computer?

Mystery of Life: Would Hillary Clinton been more effective and articulate as president?

I have learned in life no “plan” goes as planned.

Never underestimate the arrogance of power which envelops all presidents.

I met a man covered in flowers. I met a man covered in hate. They summed up life.

I never form close relations with a machine.

Joy for me is walking in cold weather.

A women working at a computer should legally be compelled to cover her breasts.

Republican Congressmen rant and rave against government owned health care while enjoying membership in a government run health care program.

Nirvana for many young Americans is working the computer and simultaneously talking on cell phone.