We offer reflections on the human condition from a twenty year old mind trapped in an eighty year old body.


I have not played cards in four decades. I spent my youth as a card shark.

Morning sun is always fiercer than late afternoon sun.

The facade of a funeral home is peaceful. After all, it is the place we all get long term rest.

Some lean forward when talking. I do not.

At age 80 either I am shrinking or others are getting taller.

I am a butter person, I like gobs of it.

A “nodder” is one who nods head while you speak.

A school offered “free parking” to attend its craft fair. I suspect ‘free grades” would be more attractive.

I wonder what will replace jeans in the next century.

People say, “the hereafter,” but I prefer the “here” to the “after.”

In olden days children dressed in one set of clothes and adults in another. Today, all are equal.

I once dreamed of success, today I dream of life.

I have never been able to sit on a chair with legs crossed as do children.

It is psychologically impossible for me to possess the hate which pours from the mouth of Glenn Beck.

We Americans have come a long way from an Eleanor Roosevelt who was comfortable with the poor and oppressed to Sarah Palin who would dump her children to make money.

Never trust anyone’s solution to economic problems who urges, “cutting taxes.”

I always assume people on bikes are thin.

I have hitch hiked across America, everyone loves this country, should.

I have never warned a blackjacket.

I hesitate speaking in a long monologue. A monologue is you speaking and others sleeping.

People complain about “mistakes in life,” They mean opportunities that did not go a particular way.

As a child of the Depression, I pick up and count pennies.

Pettiness is a stranger who has never crossed the threshold of my home.

40 cent coffee at Hardees tastes like 40 cent coffee.

A sheriff in rural America eats and chats with folks at breakfast,

Obama is a hoot owl, not a scrooch owl. A scrooch owl sweet talks and gets closer to you before plunging in the knife, a hoot owl makes certain you know it is coming.