We offer observations on the human condition from a twenty years old mind trapped in an eighty year old body.


Never underestimate the ignorance of those belonging to the Tea Party.

One knows when the couple is in love if both wear red colored clothes.

Sign said: “Dent Devil.” I assume they do a booming business in giving cars dents.

Sign said: ‘McRib Back.” Gee, I didn’t know it left.

Modern youth lack interest in politics. They twitter away their lives.

I sometimes wonder if the concept of “debt” exists in Heaven.

I am all too often the “solitary man” you see in a diner.

I feel as though I am cheating if I fill up my thermos with coffee at a coffee shop.

I wonder if there is life in Death.

Glenn Beck is to human decency as a sewer is to clean water.

Children rise first, then come mom and dad.

If you wish to fly safely, fly El-Al.

A college student called on Sunday morning to inquire about the right homework assignment. He became miffed at me because I was miffed.

A female with long hair is, by definition, attractive.

A female with a pony tail is, by definition, perky.

I cannot drink coffee with a meat sandwich.

These days a table of five must include a black and an Asian.

I feel as though I am cheating if I bring my own butter when purchasing a bagel.

Only Republicans can deny 9/11 aid to those who responded to the tragedy and feel morally righteous.

If a called promises to reduce my debt, I hang up.

My greatest anger is directed at those who are insensitive to fellow humans.

I am not impressed with son or daughter treats dad at McDonalds.

No father should be allowed to use a cell phone when with the children.

When two elderly people are deep in conversation, they either are discussing health or money.

The bad news on dying is you are dead, the good news is never again will you be bothered by a cell phone conversation.

It is fascinating that Fox News denounces immigrants even though owned by an immigrant.