We offer observations on the human condition from a twenty years old mind trapped in a sixty year old body.


Another new year, another less year for me to live.

I felt numb this New Year since I am still paying off debts.

We say, “Happy New Year” but it is impossible to be happy for an entire year.

Foggy nights elicit in my mind Sherlock Holmes emerging from the darkness.

Does anyone remember what IHOP means?

I was asked what is my New Year’s wish. Simple. To be alive next New Year.

Americans became angry in November and will be furious in April when things don’t change.

New Year’s eve for a man, age 80, and a woman, age, 65–pizza at home.

Once upon a time Americans wanted to build dams, railroads that spanned the continent, an airplane industry. Today, they want to fix potholes.

It is a long, long road to Death. But the days grow shorter when you reach 80.

Americans deny the message of reality and welcome the fantasy of Tea Party anger.

I grow bored with TV series like CSI. All they do is play with machines rather than play with their minds.

I never got into the Wall Street Journal. I prefer losing my money to inept financial “advisors.”

l am always fascinated when the child has a nose like that of mom or dad. Gee, genetics works.

In doing a rub off ticket, first come the winning numbers. I want to know which numbers caused me to lose.

Drone attacks in Afghanistan result in civilian deaths, but ask any American if she/he gives a damn. No, they are concerned about terrorists killing Americans.

I am most shocked at a father who rapes his daughter.

I spent New Year’s eve watching a Marx Brother film festival. Marx sure was right about humans under capitalism.

As a married couple grow older their butt size grow to match.

Barack Obama hired as Chief of Staff a guy from Chicago who works for J.P. Morgan. And, he wonders why people believe he cares more about the wealthy than about needs of the middle class!

God gave us the power of love –with conditions. But, the power to hate has no restrictions.