We offer comments on the human condition from a twenty year old mind trapped in an eighty year old body.


Humans confuse me. Quick to hate, it takes a murder to elicit love.

I regard God as a friend, not a God.

I have few friends. If I give friendship, it is without conditions. Most friends demand conditions.

I would welcome a Pledge of Allegiance to human rights.

Feeling sorry for oneself is sorrowful.

Reading the Constitution each day in Congress is akin to children daily mumbling something like the Pledge of Allegiance.

I hate sitting in a booth when people in the next one talk loudly.

Shock! Wrinkles begin to appear on my hand at age 80.

To die and awake in Heaven is worth dying.

I suffer fools poorly.

A student in my class was angry because I supposedly said, “God damn.” I wonder if she is angry because children lack medical care.

Sarah Palin is upset because people make nasty comments about her. Don’t they realize only Sarah can insult politicians.

I hate snowy slush.

I was born in the Depression so I clean tables I use in diners.

Republicans created a toxic climate and are now toxic because others discuss it.

People who work in a supermarket should get free soda and coffee.

I observe a man chatting on his cell phone while his friend fiddles with food. Good manners in modern America.

I sometimes believe God is a card shark. He always wins.