We offer observations on the human condition from a twenty year old mind trapped in an 80 year old body.

Man with two women talks ten minutes without halting. Boss and two employees.

I never once have talked on a cell phone while entering a business establishment .

I sometimes feel as though I am the “wise ancient man”living in a world of barbarians.

Every so often an attractive middle age woman captures my attention. Ah, memories of olden days when I was younger.

Men who sit on a stool usually have a serious expression.

I have never understood why teen age boys wear hoods while eating.

Some walk side to side, I walk directly.

I can not understand why a young girl wears a dress over jeans.

It takes about eight days after someone in this nation is killed by a gunmen before Congressmen again begin to spout the virtues of guns.

Sarah Palin has never grasped that shrillness only gets you so far in America.

Some lick their fingers while eating, I don’t.

Hatred is a stranger to my heart.

Women usually do not hold open doors for other women.

Man gazing at computer, companion gazing out the window. Modern friends together for coffee.

Republicans remind me of the man in the store shouting that his computer does not work until a clerk quietly points out one must turn it on.

I miss the sound and words of Yiddish, my childhood language.

I am always attracted to women wearing red.

I wonder if people in Heaven dream.

Americans have shifted the nightmare in their minds to their daily lives.

Mystery of life: why women breasts are so important and men’s breasts are not.

It is seventy years since I last used my skill in stealing comic books.

“Who among us can cast the first stone?” Any member of the Republican party in Congress.

These days to dream is to be awake to life.