We offer reflections on the human condition from a twenty year old mind trapped in an eighty year old body.

Nobody Asked Me But,

Tiny children run with hands clutched and close to their stomach.

I cry seeing a young soldier having breakfast with a young girl assuming it is a goodbye meal.

A middle age woman with blond hair has a regal demeanor.

When a person fiddles with his keys at a table it is a sign he is ready to depart.

Mine are the ramblings of one who loves humanity but all too often dislikes humans.

Indifference to the poor is now characteristic of both political parties.

America’s ruling elite fears angering the wealthy, after all, poor folk don’t give money.

Some fear yesterday, I welcome tomorrow.

Tomorrow eventually becomes today.

God never gave us a hand in our back nor an ability to know when we make mistakes.

I ponder about more than regret mistakes in life.

Mystery of Life: Why do I always misplace my cell phone?

I have spent the past four years paying off debts. It is an emotionally exhausting experience.

If my wife speaks to me as I depart, it means I forget something. Age?

Obese mom, obese son, all too often.

I am now down to two cups of coffee in the morning. Age?

Barack Obama runs for re-election on the backs of poor people who were screwed because of his inept communication.

My first act as dictator would be to require any member of the Tea Party to take a course in US history from a real historian.

Republicans lack a sense of the totality of what it means to be the American community.

With each passing year, I increasingly feel as though I am an alien in a strange land.

As I grow older my love for my children grows stronger. Only through them will I live forever.

Certainty is a stranger who has never knocked on my door.

My bottom line is belief in the innate decency of Americans.

My mind enjoys opening new doors leading to unknown lands.