We offer thoughts on the human condition from a twenty year old mind trapped in an eighty year old body.


I sometimes get the feeling early humans were more creative thinkers than we modern humans.

There should be a law as to how much taller a husband can be over his wife.

I marvel how young children trail after mom and dad and imitate their walks.

Better to succeed is preferable to have tried and failed.

No child should be given candy in the morning.

Short stocky older men usually have taller stocky wives.

It is rare for a manager of a fast food place to be thin.

Americans are nice people. They work hard to clean up fast food places so management won’t have to hire workers.

Shoes are disappearing in our lives as people wear sneakers to work.

I miss candy stores and its sense of community.

Jesus was a poor man. By Republican standards, a failure.

We should measure our Gross National Product on the basis of how happy people are.

I doubt if any American this week cooked from scratch 21 meals.

Few unattractive women give birth to attractive daughters.

I never throw pieces of paper into the waste basket. I place them in.

To err is right if you know you erred.

In sports, age does not lead to wisdom, just tired knees.

I wonder if I could persuade Death to be a distant friend.

I always feel patriotic when paying income taxes.

I always felt “short” in life. But, as I live longer and meet more elderly people, I realize I have now become.”tall.”