We offer comments on the American scene from a twenty year old mind trapped in an 80 year old body.

Nobody Asked Me But

Rule of life: Slim tall blond women have men who want to talk with her.

Sarah Palin will physically age poorly.

Republican solutions to any economic issue require the middle and poor people of this nation to carry the economic burden.

By mistake I received an extra bagel. I kept it. I’m a Depression boy.

I daily feel the pain of those unemployed. As I say, I am Depression born.

Americans are economically illiterate.

A teen age girl in a big care is disturbing. Why?

Expediency is a crime of the mind.

Once Americans dreamed of riches, today they dream of paying the rent.

Hitler said he would save Germans from communism. Today, Republicans want to save the wealthy from any taxes.

We gaze at watches as though the act of seeing alters time.

Humans express concern by placing chin on palms.

Few American college students devote a single moment in the week thinking about those fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The elderly crowd was late at my rural Hardees this morning. Did someone die?

I saved 18 cents using a coupon for my egg biscuit. A penny saved is a penny earned.

In my youth we termed people like Donald Duck Trump, a blowhard.

There is physical infantile paralysis, but these days there is mental infantile paralysis when it comes to solving problems.

Small children love to slide, anywhere, anytime.

I am reduced to tears reading stories of those who have lost their jobs.

No leader in modern America has a dream for this society.

I continue using up pens. Oh well, I find them in strange places and keep them.

Two couples at a table. One man talks on phone, the other man eats, and the two women talk. It is rare these days seeing two couples at lunch all doing the same thing.

America is exhausted. What next?