We offer observations on the human condition from a 20 year old mind trapped in an 80 year old body.


As I grow older, I talk less with my hands.

In my thirties I desired power, I got it, and felt powerless.

Barack Obama views himself analogous to Lincoln, Jimmy Carter is closer to his reality.

I can sketch words, but not objects.

When people are angry at government, business, immigrants, they are angry at themselves.

A woman running in shorts is simply not a sexual sight.

To err is to think as long as one knows he erred.

The unknown is a friend to me.

Death is the final dream of life.

Bumper sticker said: “In God We Trust.” The issue is really, “Does God Trust Us?”

A leader who fails to educate is not a leader.

I miss card catalogues at libraries, I like to know how many others read the book.

An old time baseball player, Wee Willie Keeler, always said: “hit em where they ain’t.” Sound advice to baseball players.

People argue if there is a God. I wonder who created God.

In my childhood, Mr. Levine the druggist took objects from our eyes. I don’t get those objects in my eyes anymore. How come?

Millions of Americans adore Sarah Palin. Millions of Americans enjoy being obese. Enough said.

These days teen age boys do not pay for drinks of girls. Violation of my boyhood value system.

Anger that dwells in the heart for longer than 24 hours, damages the soul.

Hate’s master is my enemy.

Some are born to power, some have it thrust upon them. It is either a present or a curse.