We offer comments on the human condition from a twenty year old mind trapped in an 80 year old body.


Aged women, more than young ones bring coffee to the man.

Little children love to twirl.

Hatred enters the human heart about age 10.

Woman sits fiddling. Man works at computer. A modern romance.

All nations need an enemy. Osama is dead, who next?

I hate coffee urns which dribble coffee.

A wise parent allow the child to walk rather than carry him.

I have spent my life writing and speaking words, but inwardly am very shy.

Some fear life. I fear death.

I doubt if Americans would elect an obese president. Funny, I guess they don’t want someone who looks like them.

I inhabit a planet on which Congressmen proclaim firing people produces more jobs.

I lose cell phones the way a person on a diet loses pounds. They slip away from me.

I love chili although my Jewish mother never made it. Again, the goys win.

I wonder if Obama will have to produce a birth certificate at the pearly gates of Heaven.

I have never seen a thin manager at a fast food place.

I always greet policemen with a smile.

Sunday morning at 7:00 a.m the service is great at a good pancake place.

I talked to my home planet of Xul. Whenever I describe human behavior they urge me to quickly return home.

I enjoy being called, “hon” in a rural restaurant.

Dawn brings life, darkness brings death.

The most powerful statement one can make is to be silent.

I once dreamed of power, today I simply dream of life.

I do not open the door to anger or hate.

The word, “but” is simply a prelude to unhappiness.