Nobody Asked Me But,

Nobody Asked Me But,

Have you notinced during the primary campaign no one mentioned the names of Cheney and Rumsfeld even though they were chief architects of the Iraq invasion?

I go for days not seing a military uniform in the streets. This is definitely not WWII, the Korean War or the war in Vietnam.

Is it my imagination or are there more white haired people around these days?

An American tragedy is the lack of large supermarkets in poor urban neighborhoods. The middle and uppeer class pay less for their food than poor people. Only in America.

Is Billy Graham still alive? I like him. In 1955 I saw him give a speech to an audience of French Protestants. I remember the opening lines. As he spoke in English, his words wer translated into French. He began this way: “I flew in last night from London. It was cloudy so we could not land at Le Bourget airport. The plane circled Paris, the plane circled Paris, like the world cicles France, like the world circles France, the mother of modern life.” They loved him.

I never spend more than ten m inutes reading USA TODAY.

I saw a woman wearing sweatpants enter a building which has a sign: Health Care Services.” She looked in great shape.

I often wonder how small shops survive. After all, how many people each day go to Crown Optical?

What is the image old men wearing baseball caps seek to portray? It sure isn’t machismo.

The death of diners removed from America an important social gathering place.

They raised the price of stamps. I went into a Post Office but there was no sign announcing the raise. Is this legal?

Malls bore me. Yapping people, bawling children and high priced stuff to buy. I prefer small shops on quiet streets. It is my Depression heritage.

I enjoy the slitude of silence. It enables me to explore my inner world, the only one that matters in the end.

People on MySpace usually indicate who they would like to meet in life. There is no person I would like to meet other than the world.

The person in my childhood who most impressed me was Alexander the Great. He had a vision of a united world in which people of all backgrounds lived together in harmony. I thought it was a neat idea.

I have been told that I must speak respectfully about the Rev. Wright because he is a black minister in a black church and he has a Ph.D. George Bush is president of the United States and has an MBA from an Ivy League institution. Yet, everyone trashes him.

A college campus on the week after the end of the spring semester is among the most lonely places you will ever encounter. It is a place filled with silent hope and disappointments.

I saw a sign that said: “Hair Salon For Men.” Is that something like a barber shop?

I can’t find a water bagel in the midwest. They have fewer calories and they were the bagels of my childhood. But, I can find halavah.

People who get money at banks are quiet, polite and submissive. Heck, it’s their money!

I can always spot in a middle aged woman if she was a teenage cheerleader. There is something in the movement of her hands.

Never stand behind three women when trying to purchase a movie ticket. They talk about the film and give away the plot.

Why don’t thjey let people in for free in movies as long as they buy something at the concession stand? They will make more money that way.

I always want to blow up a car that cuts to the left in front of me because it missed the turn sign and then keeps on cutting left. Me, I just go to the next intersection and turn around.

I saw a black and a white girl gigling and smiling and hugging one another. This was not something I saw in my childhood. And, people say life has not changed.

I rarely see three men entering a movie together but frequently see three women do so. What does this say about life in America?

My father lives on in me more than my mother. My mother offered strident love, my father was a quiet alone man who never experienced love.

A child told me the following joke: “What do you call it when a cowboy marries a cowgirl?” Answer– “A Western Union.” I love children jokes.

My response was to tell her the following joke: “Mary went to this very Holy church and fell asleep in the back. Her parents left and she could not open the door. How did she get out?” Answer–“Through one of the holes in the Holy church?”

I prefer the company of children, they are open, speak from their heart, never take themselves seriously, and love the sound of laughter.

I have never placed after my name, Ph.D. God, which I consider pretentious. One day, my seven year old daughter put me in my place when she responded to the question of a friend why some people call her father, “doctor.” Elizabeth replied: “Oh, he’s not the sort of doctor who helps people, he teaches.”

Peace and Love