Nobody Asked Me But,

Each week, we present the personal observations of a 77 year old American who discusses the world without any attempt to offer anything other than his biased views.

Nobody Asked Me But,

I thought the FBI had me undesurveillance when I called home and a voice told me to check the number.

I live on a street that has a stop sign at the top of a hill. We have police cars all day making certain no villain commits the heinous crime of not making a complete stop. I feel so reassured they are around to protect me.

I hate tests. Why should some unknown unseen person decide if I am or am not competent to do something?

People in supermarkets continue telling me “to have a good one.” I might, but the prices keep rising which makes have a good one mighty hard.

What is the probability that the woman answering my incorrect phone number has the same name as your wife? We had a weird conversation.

Do you realize that Alex Rdriguez and Dereck Jeter of the New York Yankees make more money than the entire first place Tampa Bay team?

I read today that someone claims Lindsay Lohan is a lesbian because she was caught kissing another woman. Go to a football game and you will watch men hugging and kisssing one another after every touchdown.

It is clear the American puublic does not wish to watch war films. It prefers anyone of 240 horror flicks that come out each year in which the bad guy dies. Consider it, bad guys lose and we have Bush, Cheney, Rove, …doing OK.

I bought a quart of orange juice for $1.85. The quart next to it sold for $3.20. Does the other one use different oranges?

Does one have to be Chinese to own a Chinese restaurant? I rarely see anyone other than Chinese pepople working in them. Of course, in New Yrk, I never saw anyone other than a Jew owning a bagel shop.

I watched people in a hospital parking lot. I counted 50% who were obese, about 30% who were OK, and about 20% on the thin side. What does ths tell about American society and why people are in hospital parking lots?

I have this fear that as the door of an elevator opens if I immeditately enter, I will punge to my death. I always hesitate for a moment to check things out. Do you?

I always have this uncertainty about am I sitting on a self flush toilet or do I have to use the plunger. Why don’t we synchronize all toilets?

Speaking of toilets, the ones in college libraries are the cleanest.

I frequently get confused about Bush and McCain. They support negotiating with North Korea about nuclear weapons but are furious at Obama for suggesting we should negotiate with terrorist nations.

I had breakfast with some men who were older than me. Gee, when you are 77 it is so nice feeling like a kid.

We have a great fruit stand in Webster Groves, Missouri name Rogers. Now that summer is approaching I can enjoy its wonderful fruit.

I was in a bagel shop having my morning coffee when a waitress referred to me as “hon.” I love it when women call me by that name.

Hillary Clinton will see it through the end. My ownly concern is her end the end of efforts to defeat the Bush administration.

Whatever happened to Bill Clinton?

I detest cold weather because in taking a shower I shiver. I have the genes of Bedouins in my body.

I sometimes see people in a restaurant who appear to be interesting. I wish I lved in a society in which it was Ok to simply walk over to a person and say they look interesting and I would like to get to know them.

I have never been the world’s best speller so I enjoy spell check. Who says technology is destroying our freedom?

I was wondering the other day if Eliot Spitzer stilll has encounters with ladies of the night.

I read some blog entry by a Ron Paul supporter. He wants to abolish the income tax and only have his tax money spent on things he likes. I think most Ron Paul supporters would enjoy living in medieval times.

Have a good one….