Nobody Asked Me But,

Have you ever heard, “it will be just ten minutes” that was ten minutes? Or even twelve?

Hospitals are places that I want to come from, not to.

It is a weird feeling going to a discount gas station and “only” paying $3.89 a gallon.

I saw an ambulance parked by an ice cream stand. One must get priorities straight on hot days.

At age 77 I prefer walking down hills than up.

Is there a country looking for a King George?

I passed a store whose sign said: “Tuesday Morning,” I assume on Wednesday morning all the goods are discounted.

John McCain increasingly comes across as a man who is trying to sell something. Unfortunately, the thing he is selling might be classified as used goods that are in disrepair.

I thought Hillary Clinton is now performing at a fantastic level of political leadership. Too bad this came late. But, then again, if she becomes vice president and…..

I walked by a Drury Inn on Sunday morning. There is something sad and lonely about being in a Drury Inn on a Sunday morning.

Every time I see two families meet in a restaurant entrance and an adult says to a child, “good reading,” I assume they are Jewish and the boy had his Bar Mitzvah.

I never hold a coffee cup by its handle. I feel it is effeminate. I was raised as a male chauvinist idiot bigot and some of it lingers on in my mind.

I passed by a place in the supermarket where they were advertising hot dogs for a dollar. I don’t think a $1 hot dog is the most nutritious food to eat.

What exactly is the difference between Equal and Splendor?

I don’t recall women wearing caps in my childhood. Actually, men wore old fashioned hats.

I find it unusual for a mother to be thinner than her daughter.

I saw a father clutching his daughter’s hand with love and protection.

I read a story that Mitt Romney is being considered for the VP slot by John McCain. Mitt Romney reminds me of the cheerleader who is jumping up and down trying to elicit cheers when his team is down 30-0 with five minutes to play.

President Bush says it is appeasement to have talks with terrorist nations. So, how does he explain our negotiations with North Korea and Syria?

I never pass up anything that is free in a supermarket. I was born during the Depression.

People on MySpace assume if any idiot wrote something the person actually has the power to carry out ideas he espouses. They believe if it is on MySpace it is believable.

I continually hear from Jewish friends that Israel cannot appease Hamas by talking with its leaders. Can any Israeli cite an example of how the no-negotiation with Hamas has produced good results.

Since I ceased being a college professor I now have to purchase pens and paper.

I read in the newspaper that Bridget Bardot was still alive and is now a leader in the anti-immigrant movement. She should return to looking beautiful.

Say, is Rudy Giuliani still saving America from crime, terrorism and hunger by giving speeches for a $100,000 a shot?

I miss the Italian man who pushed his cart that sold cold flavored ices in hot weather. It is not the same buying ices in a supermarket.