Each week we offer observations on life without any effort on our part to prove the accuracy of these comments. They are the reflections of a 77 year-old kid on what goes on throughout planet Earth.

Don’t you wish you could fling a five dollar bill on the counter of a gas station and say, “fill er up?”

I get frustrated in the library with its demands to log in. Could someone please let me use the dear old card catalog?

People who drive slowly in the left lane should have a hand reach down from the sky and gently place them in the right.

I heard a song by a folk singer about her father who had Alzheimer’s disease. That is the greatest dread of my life.

The only part of USA TODAY that is of any interest to me is its sport section.

I think $4 a gallon gasoline has finally gotten through to Americans its unthinking way of dealing with energy issues must be changed– and right away!

If the only “mistake” Bush can recollect is his choice of words,, what does that say about a man whose actions caused the death of 4,000 Americans and the wounding of 30,000?

I always look for “monkey features” in human faces. I am a proud member of the monkey family. Gee, I wish my ancestors had never lost the ability to easily scratch their backs.

I saw a woman holding a baby in one hand get a sandwich, then a coke without missing a beat. One armed mothers are my heroes in life.

I always smile watching a father and daughter eating and talking at lunchtime. It should be mandatory.

Among the wonderful government innovations of the past thirty years is allowing postmen to wear shorts in the summer.

I heard that Paul Newman has cancer. He is among the few celebrities that I wish I could meet and just shoot the breeze with.

I have an important problem in life. I hate the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers. Both are now playing for the NBA championship which leaves me no one to root for. The heck with it, I just won’t watch the games.

I was wondering today whatever happened to Don Rumsfeld. I can just see him now wandering the Rocky Mountains in search of the missing…..

I don’t recall any health food stores in my childhood. But, we did have mom’s chicken soup. Does that count?

I have this theory which is based on absolutely no proof that people select friends who have a different physical shape. So, a thin person chooses a friend who is over weight. OK, so I am nuts.

I saw a sign over a door entrance that said: “Simply Mathematics.” Does that mean I have to pass a pop math quiz to enter?

Do you recall three months ago George Bush saying he would be shocked at $4 a gallon gas? Heck, he’s still shocked we haven’t found the WMD!

It is 2008 and we have an Attorney General who is upset the Supreme Court is protecting the rights of prisoners. Oliver Wendell Holmes, Felix Frankfurter, Bill Douglas, Louis Brandies, Warren, Taft…….

There ought to be a law forbidding moving vans from parking in such a manner that you can’t get your car to back up and leave. Why must I endure angry looks from movers who are upset I actually want to use my car to get to work?

I love music but when walking never listen to it. Walking is for walking, not listening.

It is against my ethical and moral belief to purchase napkins. I get them for free in fast food places. I was born in the Depression.

I hear that Rudy Giuliani will help a fellow Republican raise money– provided he gets a cut of the money. Rudy G. is stand up guy, that is, he will stand up for America, at a price.

The Stop Sign police were out in force. Heck, go rob a house, but just don’t fall stopping at the Stop Sign.

Have a good one. Just remember, you are not paying $5 a gallon.