Nobody Asked Me But,

Each week, we will offer a few rambling comments about events in life from the serious to the unimportant.

Every time I hear Rudy Giuliani speak about 9/11, I wonder if he could actually complete a sentence without those numbers being mentioned.

I thought Mike Huckabee was humorous on his guest appearances with Jon Stewart. After his pampering platitudes about waving the Confederate flag in the name of freedom, I wonder what this man would not say in order to get elected to the presidency.

When in heavy traffic and stuck at a red light, I invariably allow waiting cars to get in front of me. I become upset if the driver doesn’t return my incredible kindness with a wave. Allowing cars in front of you deserves a wave.

If you are at a check out counter, always go to the line containing old geezeers like me. If we lived in the Depression, more often than not we pay cash.

I feel sorry for John Edwards. It seems he never runs for the presidency at the right time. He is a good man with good intentions, he just is in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I drove by a three police cars surrounding a car. Something in me concluded they were not catching a dangerous criminal, just a traffic violator. After all, that is the main goal of crime detection in the St. Louis area. Just kidding, St. Louis police!

Mitt Romeny belongs in a TV series entitled, Mitt and his Five Sons. It is the story of a man who serves his country by never serving in the armed forces and raises five boys who do likewise. And, not a wrinkle on his face to show for it.

Every time I see an ad about the $1 menu at McDonalds, I get the sense it would be preferable to head down to the Salvation Army homeless shelter and beg a meal. OK, so I say a few prayers, but the food is better.

I always feel a bit off centered about John McCain. I think he is an honest man, I think he is a brave man, I think he loves this country, but there is also a sense of a man driven by power to succeed regadless of the cost. I suspect that feeling helped him endure torture in Vietnam.

I think Hillary Clinton should take her daugher to the side and ask her politely never to make ridiculous comments again as when she told an 11 year old girl reporter for Scholastic that she never gives interviews to the press, and that includes 11 year old reporters.

Last weekend I came to the realization God exists. I prayed for the New York Football Giants to defeat Dallas and they did. Ok athiest, explain away that miracle without an act of God!

My first action as dictator of America will be banning the use of automated telephone systems that prevent people from talking to a human.

Two weeks ago, gasoline in the St. Louis area was $2.98. Today it is $2.69. A week from now it will be $2.99. I love living in a society governed by market forces. Funny, but every gasoline station winds up with the same price.

I think Ron Paul is a nice doctor. I am certain he is kind and patient with his patients. Unfortunately, his mind has never left the 19th century. I just hope his medical performance is at a 21st century level. His political solutions appear more geared to life a hundred fifty years ago. Then again, he actually believes corporate leaders, if not bound by government regulations, would do things to make the lives of their employees better. Hey Ron, want to buy a bridge in Brooklyn? I can get it for you real cheap.

I continue reading people who want to get rid of the income tax. For some reason, they never explain how a government functioning in a 14 trillion dollar economy would raise funds. Sometimes, a few mention a sales tax. If I was a wealthy person I would avidly support a sales tax over an income tax. It would be like having Christmas all year round.

The other day I read a statement by Fred Thompson who argued the government should just not worry about the economy and avoid taking any action because the market will adjust itself. When I was a young man growing up in the south Bronx we had a mentally retarded boy named Hymie who hung around the block. He might come up to you on a Tuesday and ask what day it was. Naturally, you would respond, “Tuesday.” He would smile, shake his head and say, “Friday, eventually.” I think I would prefer having Hymie as president of the United States rather than Fred Thompson.

Have a good weekend.