We offer observations on the human condition from a 21 year old mind trapped in an eighty one year old body.


FDR marshalled the English language to defeat Nazism, Barack Obama is more like a corporal speaking.

A girl with long hair has to flip it at least three times an hour.

I have noticed that female pursues are growing smaller. Fall out from Recession?

Age stiffens body, and in all too many cases, the mind.

Once America dreamed of great highways and dams and factories, today they dream of fences on the border.

Barack Obama is a master at making certain no one knows what he does right.

Night falls, day breaks. Another soldier dies in Iraq and no one gives a damn.

I never see any film which is advertised as a “warm story.” I prefer hot stories.

I have never seen a Mexican worker eating alone.

Child eats, mom fiddles with cell phone. Another child/mom bonding experience.

She sits gazing out. He appears, and she switches seat. Another American love story?

I assume following  cell phones will come brain implants.