Each week, we survey the world scene about the ordinary events of life. This entry is about nothing, but, being about nothing, it is about everything.

I saw a sign saying, “Dolls Heaven.” I wonder if gay and lesbian dolls are allowed in Dolls Heaven.

If you see a group of elderly people in the morning having coffee, it is a hundred percent guarantee there will be more women than men in the group.

Each Thursday morning at my supermarket the place is packed. Did I miss some announcement about shopping on Thursdays?

I wonder if hard cookies spoil. I had a few of them in my car and noticed they now had spots.

I am really confused about why South Koreans are demonstrating against American beef. Did I miss some cow disease event?

I always marry women who are sixteen years younger than me so I can avoid comments about “those old geezers.”

Many supermarkets hire people with disabilities. In my youth, our local shopkeepers always found jobs for people with disabilities. They were members of our community.

I have not seen the appearance of a carnival in years. They were always wonderful summer events in my youth that we excitedly awaited.

Sometimes,George Bush reminds me of a kid who has just gone through drug rehab and doesn’t want to go back to the drugs but is uncertain about following a new path to a healthy life.

The silence of Dick Cheney is like a slowly shifting sky moving from daylight to the darkness of an approaching storm.

I wonder how American youth today would look like or behave if McDonalds had never been invented.

I overheard this comment from an elderly man: “When it comes to computers and pushing buttons, I don’t want to learn. I’d rather go outside.” Well spoken.

I ramble on about obesity because is is such a shocking change from my childhood living amidst lean Depression bodies.

I continue encountering on MySpace comments about the “unconstitutional” income tax. Did I miss a Supreme Court decision which declared income tax laws as being unconstitutional?

I observed a man holding his hand over the top of an empty coffee cup. Strange, but I always hold my hand around an empty coffee cup. What does this mean about life?

Is it proper to pick up a newspaper lying around in a fast food place and then take it home to read?

The Supreme Court overruled a law that banned guns in Washington D.C. I believe this is an example of the Court following the nation rather than leading it.

Is it my imagination or do few women over the age of 65 have long hair?

I make my eggs in the morning and eat them with a piece of matzo. I have never seen matzos offered in a McDonalds breakfast. Is this an example of anti-semitism?

I miss the magical moment in late afternoon on an army post when everyone halts and listens to taps as the flag is lowered.

Bill Clinton is going to campaign for Obama. Clinton reminds me of the smart aleck kid in class who could smooth talk his way out of any problem or situation.

I am always in a quandary when purchasing a cup of coffee in a fast food place. Am I allowed to use the coffee cup to get a soda?

I notice more elderly women than men wear caps. It sure was not true in my youth.

I never drive behind a car if I can’t see the head of the driver.

The other day I spent ten minutes computing the cost of bread to ensure I got the best bargain. Look man, I was born in the Depression.

I passed a sign saying the mall was open to the public. Are there malls that are not open to the public?

I wanted to shoot a man who drove his car up to the garbage bin. How about walking fifty feet?

I always feel lucky seeing a car pulled over by the police. Better you than me, fella.

It struck me recently that Spock on Star Trek thinks like Sherlock Holmes.

I have great admiration for Hobos, and sad they have disappeared from the highways. Somehow, they embodied the American spirit.