We ofer observations on the human condition from a 21 year old mind trapped in an 81 year old body,


Our Cro-Magnon ancestors feared the unknown, so do we.

Spontaneity was the norm of our childhood, now we are “mature.” I prefer childhood.

Children skip through life, adults skip away from life.

We have senior citizen discounts, now we need student loan discounts.

A woman who loves hubby, rubs his back while waiting on line.

These days when two adults are eating, it is a hefty affair.

Young children must kick something or someone. It is in their genes.

I often wonder what Jewish Jesus Christ thinks about Christmas.

We have a Recession, but people’s weight makes them believe they are in a Depression.

I become furious if someone spells their name, “Melvyn.” It is “Melvin.”

There is a moment when a stranger’s eyes catch yours and you wonder if a nod or words should follow.