Each week, we offer comments on events of the world that are strictly observations that have nothing to do with factual data.

Nobody Asked Me But,

A person, who in meeting me, fails to say, “hello,” is not entitled to a “goodbye.” A philosophical dilemma is posed if that person says “goodbye” without ever having said, “hello.”

A law of God prohibits putting on a sock, a shoe, and then tying laces since one must always first put on both socks, both shoes, and then is allowed to tie laces.

People riding on bikes invariably have thin bodies. Is that because people who are thin ride bikes or is the thinness a result of riding a bike?

I think coffee shops will have to offer wider tables since so many people are there to look at their laptop screens. I find fascinating observing two people out for lunch who spend the time gazing at their screens, rather than faces.

Allowing a car to get in front of you is a guarantee that car will be the last to make the green light.

Mailwomen in the summer dress m ore informally than mailmen.

I observed a young attractive woman in the mall sitting with a pensive face fingering her cell phone. I assumed she was pondering “the phone call” to a man. Finally, she called and within moments her face lit up in rapture. Ah, the dilemmas of love.

A white haired couple passed by. The man’s body was hunched over and he leaned down. I bet in earlier days he hovered over his love.

I often wonder is God takes a summer vacation.

I recall my Republican friends raving in the spring of 2003 about the military genius of Don Rumsfeld who knew so much more about military tactics than those dumb generals. These days, the only mention of his name is preceded by the word, “incompetent.”

I sometimes wish to possess a time machine so I could sent Ron Paul back to his beloved 19th century when government did not have so many rules and regulations. Ah then, he could see children laboring in mines, bank failures, people working in unsafe factories, retired people lacking any money and depending on charity– yes the beauty of laissez faire in action.

I love my white hair, in fact, I would die for it.

I have never understood why women put blond in their hair and still allow dark strands to be evident.

These days with my bad hearing, I prefer subtitled films.

I passed a store which advertised, “Final Sale Event.” I wonder if that is forever or a day.

I always grapple with the dilemma when seated in the middle of a row in a theater if I exit to the right or left.

When will women realize when it comes to hair, white is beautiful?

I was driving and stopped for a red light. My eyes gazed to the right and I thought I saw a sign in a store which said: “Stained Glass Erections.” I blinked and saw, “Stained Glass Creations.” My wife is in New York and I am in St. Louis.

I recall during Army basic training being taught about the Geneva Conventions and how to treat a POW. Has that talk been deleted from the curriculum?

There were dark clouds, lightening in the sky, and this man was floating peacefully in the pool. He was either a man of faith or a man who already has won the lottery and thinks only good luck follows in his wake.

A pickup truck passed displaying a license plate saying, “My Jesus.” So, what’s left for the rest of us– the Catholic Church?

Bill called and offered me a digital TV system. I tried asking him a question but he kept on talking on and on as though he was a machine.

Have a good one.