We offer observations on the human condition from a 21 year old mind trapped in an 81 year old body.


Years ago I abandoned wearing a hat to talk with God. If he is hatless, so am I.

I often wonder if I am  a pawn in some universal game in which the loser wins.

I wonder if someone has to be “gifted to teach “gifted” children.

Which rates higher, a gift at departure or one at arrival?

Some believe in God, some doubt God, I am a patient man, I will eventually find out.

Little boy places arms on chin as mom talks.

Some shake coffee while waiting, I do not.

Years ago I abandoned my ego during a 25 mile march in the snow. All one needs in life is some warmth.

If you desire to find evil in people, you will.

Given the  collection of idiots in the Republican primary, it appears America has an appointment in Samarra.

If God doesn’t exist, do I is the question?