We offer observations on the human condition from a 21 year old mind trapped in an 81 year old body.


I never see ads offering to help thin people become obese.

A day went by without Rick Santorum telling about his coal miner grandfather.

She enters, gazes around the diner, leaves. A missed romance?

I rarely shake my head to indicate agreement with a speaker. I am a one nod person.

I wonder if God sleeps.

A painful memory should be allowed to sleep in the past.

We live today, but our minds spend  time in the past and in the future.

I am constantly told to “have a good one,” but no one tells me what constitutes a good one.

People claim to love Jesus. That is not the question, the question is: does He love you?

I await an ad that says:  “No Sales Today, Just Regular Prices.”

Little children wave at me, and I always wave back.

Some rub hands on entering a diner. I don’t.

In the end, the most important statement one can make is: “I am alive.”

An elderly man stumbled into the bagel shop, gee, I am glad not to be an elderly man.