We offer observations on the human condition from a 81 year old mind trapped in an 81 year old body.


To see through the eyes of a child is to see love.

To see through the eyes of an 80 year old is to see death.

Capitalist Credo:  I got it, you don’t, fuck you!

Christ preached the doctrine of, “I am my brother’s keeper.” Today, the Republican party preaches the doctrine of “I care about myself, you are on your own.”

Most women when rising from seat adjust their jeans.

Private life in America should be kept private.

I wonder where the concept of a dozen arose and why?

Know thyself and you will never lack the company of a good friend.

I have never worn a red shirt to work.

Most seek company of others to affirm their self.

We invoke God to justify actions which go against His teachings.

Some loving mothers rub hair of child as they talk with the child.

To be human is to worry about one’s Fate. Sorry, Fate does not worry.

Americans so enjoy reading about princes and princesses. I wonder why we had a Revolution.

Mystery of the Universe: What really do aliens think about Earthians?