We offer observations on the human condition from a 21 year old mind trapped in an 81 year old body.


To be human is to wonder about fate. Fate doesn’t

My heart is with all life forms in universe.

Woman alone in morning reading book. Solitude and peace on face.

To live with hate in heart is not to live.

Good deed, helped old lady by opening door.

Mystery of life: Cars parked outside business establishment, but no one inside.

I wonder if there are forms to fill out to enter Heaven.

My Depression mind thinks in terms of pennies saved.

A blond haired woman in tight jeans is, by definition, interesting.

Elderly women love patting head of bald men.

Young Americans are not interested  in American history, that is anything before they were born.

I am furious at those lacking compassion for oppressed people.

I gaze at my hands which reveal age wondering if age ever halts in other ways than in death.

Some listen with ears, some with eyes, some with both.

Due to cost, I left my dentist for one  who is cheaper.

I met a teacher who wanted to cut costs by firing government employees, he was shocked to realize that teachers are government employees.

I am satisfied with day old coffee.

I purchase a lottery ticket expecting that I MUST win

I have a hunch that in Heaven skin color is of no importance.

Some slumber in realm of  love, some in realm of anger.

I wonder how aliens consume nutrients.

If I am not my brother and sister’s keeper, who am I?

Some believe God speaks to them. I  speak to myself and don’t pester God.

It is an art to figure out which lane moves the fastest.

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    I see Asia above. Might these ever be translated into Chinese?  Imagist results might be fascinating when independently  re-translated back.