We offer observations on the human condition from a 21 year old mind trapped in an 81 year old body.


People cite religious documents to justify acting contrary to them.

The alternative to war is some form of peace, however inadequate it might be.

To love another is to forgive another. To love an enemy is to forgive an enemy.

We pass laws abridging freedom of speech by terming them, “Patriot Act.”

I never cease being amazed at the indifference of youth to the world in which they inhabit.

Hate is the ultimate disease.

I prefer anger to indifference. At least one is thinking when angry.

To give without seeking anything in return is to be a child of God.

Keep one’s face towards the sun, not towards dark clouds.

People around me grow younger while I grow older and shorter.

A crusader in possession of “the truth” is more dangerous than one in possession of ignorance.

Some move hands while speaking, I keep mind steady. Steady Freddie is my name.

I wonder if people wear wedding rings in heaven.

Age leads chins to withdraw into face.

Some play with gadgets, I play with life.

I frequently gaze in mirror wondering who is that old fart?

Some do for tomorrow, I do for today.