We offer observations on the human condition from a 21 year old mind trapped inn an 81 year old body.


For a  Depression child, an extra penny is like an extra five dollar bill for those today.

When the girl friend sits with his parents, she is polite and attentive to their words.

In middle class families, each gets his/her own food. Among poor, we share.

Placing peanut butter on a bagel should result in a prison sentence.

I can not be other than who I am. To be something else is to make me someone else.

Youth today was raised in a  world in which adults proclaimed, “that’s great” for a  mediocre performance.

Heavy set mom sits with two tiny girls destined to become heavy set moms.

Dad prefers sitting next to son’s girl friend.

If you fear the truth, join the Republican party.

Educate me, don’t fear hurting my feelings.

Some carry scars of life on body, some in mind.

I rarely, if ever sigh when sitting. Many do.

I miss picking up newspapers on subways. It requires skill and dexterity.