We offer observations on the human condition from a 21 year old mind trapped in an 81 year old body.


Height in America translates into higher paying jobs.

If my napkin blows onto floor, I pick it up. I am Depression born.

Gazed at photo of students protesting, all obese. I guess marching for something enables them to march for themselves.

I wonder where the concept of a “baker’s dozen arose.?

I always have an internal debate on how many napkins to take.

I never hold a newspaper up to my face to read it.

Parents carry child on hips like their gorilla ancestors.

Trains convey mystery of a voyage, planes do not.

I usually stand when placing sweetener and milk in coffee.

We seek company of others to affirm our self.

I have never worn a red shirt to work.

I only read daily newspapers at home, in New York, it is on subway.

Ron Paul never met a wealthy person who needed tax cuts and other such welfare payments.

If God is truly on OUR side, we will never fight another war.

Americans love reading about princes and princesses. Why did we fight a Revolution?

Some moms rub child’s head as she talks.

Today in America we dream more about money than love.

Mystery of Life: What do aliens really think of inhabitants of planet Earth?

Some chomp and rub hands, I do not.