We offer observations on the human condition from a 21 year old mind trapped in an 81 year old body.


The highway systems in our brain are infinite in number and length.

Dawn always breaks, — I hope.

Night eventually arrives–I fear.

All to many American Christian leaders not only believe in God they also believe they are God.

“Money counts,” the question is –for what?

A cliche may be correct, but usually is never completely true.

Why journey to a foreign land when one can make the trip inside one’s brain?

Our bodies age with wrinkles. Hopefully, not our minds.

I can never grasp how one can spend ten minutes reading the comic strips.

It is decades since I heard the expression, “Jew me down”to mean cheat me.

I never put on my jacket while seated, I have to rise to do it.

My nightmare: On Fox News a pert blond haired female asks: “Madam President  Palin, do you think we should nuke Iran?”

I experience guilt hurting others. I am only human.

On International Women’s Day, Senator Blunt of Missouri hailed National Agriculture Day.

If you want to waste ten minutes of your time stand behind an old lady in check out line who pays in cash.

If you enjoy life, you should enjoy Death.

Four year old loves tapping head of two year old.

Most women when rising from car seat adjust jeans.

My private self is private.

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