We offer observations on the human condition from a 21 year old mind trapped in an 81 year old body.


Leave a child alone for a few moments and she will find a way to play with her hands.

Money  problems lead to personal problems.

Some are born to greatness, others are born  to seek the Republican presidential nomination.

Some walk with measured steps, I don’t.

I never place  hands in back pockets, some do.

Mitt Romney reminds me of the little man atop a wedding cake.

The wealthier is one the more one whines how poor people take their money.

To be poor is to accept the life given and do the best one can.

Young girls tend to have same hair style as friends.

Many use butt to push open door, I don’t.

Study people to know thyself.

Je crois, alors je suis, I think, therefore I am.

I suspect five men will  decide providing health care is a violation of freedom, but compelling seat belts in cars or car insurance is not.

My word is my bond, I am Depression born.

Like so many of immigrant stock, I exist as an American, the past is lost to me.

Our child lives in our adult mind.

Success is easy to handle, adversity compels heroism.

There are those seeking  riches of money and there are those seeking riches of heart.