We offer observations on the human condition from a 21 year old mind trapped in an 81 year old body.


Baseball is the only sport played in three seasons of the year.

Some claim to be “children of God.” How come no aunts or uncles?

I have concluded that God  regards Earth as a botched experiment.

I never put more than two Equals into my coffee.

In the end, how we judge ourselves is the only judgment worth a damn.

I doubt if any human   figured out the exact  moment his pen ran out of ink.

In any group of elderly folk, one speaks with authority.

The US is 24th in life expectancy but Americans boast of their wonderful health system. The purpose is not to get well, it is to LIVE!

Women have a habit of touching their right hip when walking.

Needed new medical specialty, Doctor of Butts.

I chronicle  life, some chronicle death.

As I write in the coffee shop some glance toward me.

Tall men  stride into a shop with a look of determination.

Death is the last opportunity to express love–so, say it!

There are times in life when silence is the loudest statement one can make.

I was raised to openly argue politics. Not a nice thing in the Midwest.

A white haired woman has permission to speak with anyone.

Bad news: you are dead.Good News: never again have to listen to Rick Santorum speech.