We offer observations on the human condition from a 21 year old mind trapped in an 81 year old body.


I wonder how and why the shape of our noses evolved.

A child takes the first step, an elderly person takes the last.

She enters, gazes, confused, and sees him, smile and comfort.

Media records human evil. We prefer evil to good on the media.

In modern life, people enter out lives, disappear and eventually reappear.

I dislike when a person leans over and shoves their butt into my face.

The ultimate surprise of life is life.

Facebook deadens, not awakens minds.

Dreams offer hope, reality offers doubt.

We enter this world without material goods and leave likewise.

Chubby boy greets chubby mon, welcome to USA, circa, 2012.

I ran with the wind at age 14, I puff with the wind at age, 81.

In America, private fornication is OK, but make it public, and then…

Some wear pain on face, others in heart.

In all my life no one has ever halted me on the street to inquire what I think about a product. Anti-Semitism?

Some shake head up and down, I keep it steady.

If you do something wrong, apologize with an American flag behind you.