We offer observations on the human condition from a 21 year old mind trapped in an 81 year old body.


Some walk and chew, I sit and chew.

Mystery of Life: Women carry a purse and men do not. Why?

I like Jesus, it is the Christ part that bothers me.

There is always a look of embarrassment when clerk gives wrong change.

It was warm in March and chilly in April. Just like in the good old days before industrialization.

We say, “life goes on.” Actually, until a point and then it ends.

Expression, “pay now or pay later.” American youth prefers late payment.

Some place hands on table to rise, I do not.

I would love being on a planet that God created which offers life time replacement for worn out body parts.

Some stand and read. I do not. I prefer sitting.

Some look back in anger, some in love.

Some day McDonald’s will offer laptops their own room.

In my childhood we were taught never to insult someone you do not know.

I inhabit a world of narcissistic people.

If there is a Complain Department in Heaven, I will submit my claim for a new body.

I forgot to comb my hair, wild man of the pampas.

Late arrival usually has permission to speak as long as desired.