we offer observations on the human condition from a 21 year old mind trapped in an 81 year old body.


Constipation constipates life.

Many young people believe if “eventually”they apologize, it is an apology.

I assume in Heaven there are no money problems. As least, I hope!

Body language is more important than sending a quick email message.

If we eventually get electric cars will we argue about who first gets the outlet?

Mystery of life:  Car parked at Day Center on Sunday.

Mystery of life:  Selling bottles of water next to the water fountain.

She sits at table with two women, obligation to smile.

Feeling of pride witnessing your child’s maturity.

Sign of stupidity:  “I know.”

Mystery of life: How did Neanderthals handle a tooth ache?

To observe true human condition is to observe one’s self.

“Job Creators”in 2012 seek to create new jobs for their robot workers.

Some gaze straight ahead an ignore those on the sidelines of society.