We offer observations on the human condition from a 21 year old mind trapped in an 81 year old body.


America has its “gay moment,”I assume the next will be a “transgender”one.

Some point fingers, some wave hands and some nod heads.

In my youth we dreamed of going to Paris, today  youth dreams of going to Wall

Four young men and a single  women. No comment.

My mind grows younger as my body grows older.

Facebook furthers the trivialization of life.

In my youth I attended a shul, not a temple. In a shul, all are welcome, in a temple, pass the checks.

I no longer have power meetings. I am powerless.

Ultimately in life I am only responsible to self.

Some place head on arms when laughing. I do not.

There ought to be a law that if one is the only customer in coffee shop, everything is free.

NY Yankees pay for experience. I prefer paying baseball players for results.

I wonder if anyone under 30 knows hand signals for driving a car?

For some, the life story is traveling many roads and winding up at a dead end.

I intellectually understand but do not emotionally understand why people become grossly obese.