We offer observations on the human condition from a 21 year old mind trapped in an 81 year old body.


I am a man who is emotionally self sufficient.

The advent of  jeans accentuated the butts of all.

Some hold coffee cup by top, I hold by bottom.

There are  principles and there are principles, the issue is discovering which principle must be the principle of the moment.

I enjoy the informality of summer dress.

Mystery of Life:  why is number 13 unlucky?

Mitt Romney chuckles about abusing youth in childhood. I cry about those events.

“Austerity” is simply a polite way to say, “poverty.”

Boy enters coffee shop wearing Boy Scout uniform. Gee, it has been years since I saw one in  public.

To dwell in the House of God is to be a good neighbor to all inhabitants.

The words, “I’m sorry” are meaningless unless followed by actions.

Every so often I lose track of day, but never of night.

I find evidence that men with white hair grow portly.

Anger was among the early attributes of humans.

In my youth we gazed at breasts, today we gaze at butts.

People using cell phones get a point across by waving hands.