We offer observations on the human condition from an 21 year old mind trapped in an 81 year old body.


My goal is reinventing self every five years.

Some aspire to riches of money, others to riches of love.

Suddenly, mysteriously, splotches on old hand disappeared. Physical work?

Republican economic ideas prove we can travel back in time–mentally to the Middle Ages, at least.

When I get to Heaven I will dream about another Heaven.

Thin legs make a thin body.

Why people study breakfast menu is a mystery to me. Exactly, what do they hope to find–fish and chips?

I amaze myself by doing hard physical labor.

Little Asian boy and white European grandparents. Modern America.

Children question parents, few parents question children.

Fear the dawn and you fear life.

To cherish a child is to ensure immortality.

In the autumn of my life appeared a special daughter-in-law.

To doubt is to think, to think is to doubt.

Always remember, the road not taken is not taken.

Mom loves stroking hair of little child.

Chimps and children love snuggling into mom.

Some dream dream dreams, other dream nightmares.