We offer observations on the human condition from a 21 year old mind trapped in an 81 year old body.


America just had a “gay moment,” I await a transgender one.

Some point finger, some wave hand, some nod head.

In my youth we dreamed of Paris, today it is of Wall Street. One can not walk along the Seine with a Wall Street banker.

Face book trivializes life and thinking.

In my youth I attended a shul – a place where all were welcomed, even those lacking money. Today,  one pays to pray in a  Temple.

Being retired, I do not have power meetings. Powerless, I guess is me.

Ulltimately, I am only responsible for myself.

Words written on a  napkin can readily disappear into waste bin of life.

Some place head on arms while laughing, I do not.

Group-one boy and four females.  No comment, but I sure wish I was he.

NY Yankees pay for experience. I prefer paying players for results.

Mystery of Life:  No one in coffee shop but me.

I wonder if anyone under thirty knows hand signals for cars?

For most Dead End is the end. For others, a Beginning.

My age it is 81, my body it is 21. Right mind in wrong body.