We offer observations on the human condition from a 21 year old mind trapped in an 81 year old body.


Some prefer dark glasses to hide who they are.

There are physical bruises on our bodies and mental ones in our minds.

Table with four boys each eating three bagels. Interesting.

Humans have natural tendency to demonize the unknown.

Obama’s greatest weakness is explaining his success.

Humans are allowed to display their entire face but not their butt. Why?

A grey haired woman should wear red.

I  wonder if someday I will walk side-by-side.

I prefer holding and reading a newspaper to reading one online.

In America, money talks and ensures you walk from a criminal offense.

I am only a physical risk taker in sports.

I met a man who said he was a conservative. Much ado about nothing.

Some fear taking a risk by actually listening to an opposing idea.

For some there is a “right seat”in McDonald’s.

I wonder how we humans would think if there were no dreams at night.

I sometimes wish we restored the monarchy to America.

I await the ad offering one free coffin when you purchase one.

There are those who dare and those who say, I dare you.

Children waiting on line twirl around.

Skirts grow shorter, butts grow bigger, modern America.

Some climb physical mountains,some climb mountains in their minds.

A Christian who wants to cut food stamps is certainly not a follower of Jesus.

Heinlein wrote, “Stranger In Strange Land.” I am currently living in it.

Occupy Wall Street folk believe singing song will curb  Wall Street power. Hey, Mr.Tambourine Man sing another song for me.