We offer observations on the human condition from a 21 year old mind trapped in an 81 year old body.


Self respect is the only respect with meaning.

One must never forget there is an end to life so –ENJOY TODAY!

Dentists will always be with us–unless??

I am shocked these days seeing mom with two thin children.

I have never feared the unknown, it is the destiny for all.

Ultimate sense of power, teen girl holds open door for dad and mom.

Being powerless fosters creative thinking.

I have never sought favors from God, I got the only one that counts–Life.

The only mystery in life is Death.

I have lost connection with those under 35. They inhabit a fantasy land.

Blond haired mom, blond haired children. I am not in the Bronx.

I feel alone in America. Did America change or did I?

I am fearless in my refusal to fear fear.

I am impressed by a dad who explains economics to son.

Some are lost for words. Not,I.

There is something about a black shirt which conveys power.

Some believe the critical issue of today  is slavery in America.

To dwell in anger at past evil is to allow past evil a new life.

Children  love playing hand games with parents.

The only important membership in life is being a member of the human race.

I am responsible for what I do, not what my ancestors did.